Dental Implant Treatment in Ahmedabad

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Single Tooth Implant

If you have lost one tooth due to trauma, injury, or naturally, a single-tooth implant is the best tooth-replacement option that looks and operates similarly to a natural tooth. A dental implant replaces both the missing natural tooth and its root. Single Tooth Implant is a surgical treatment that replaces the roots of missing or damaged teeth with metal posts shaped like screws.

Multiple-tooth implants provide a secure and long-term solution for two or more adjacent teeth that are missing, cracked, or decayed. Multiple teeth implants can be an excellent solution to replace missing teeth, as they provide a stable and long-lasting foundation for dental prosthetics.

When all the teeth are missing, all teeth implants are the best option to replace the teeth. The All Teeth Implants Treatment is an advanced dental procedure that involves restoring all the teeth in either one or both jaws. This treatment is considered to be one of the most complex and challenging procedures in the field of dentistry.

One of the latest technology in dental implant surgery is All on 4 Technology which is very helpful for those People who have lost most upper or lower or all of their teeth due to age, injury, decay, or disease and have sufficient jawbone density to support dental implants. In All on 4 dental implants technology placement of 4 fixed dental implants in the patient’s upper or Lower or both in the jawbone.

Osstem (South Korea) is a system for computer-guided dental implant surgery. Computer-assisted implant surgeries provide a time-efficient, less daunting, and expedited recovery experience by mitigating tissue manipulations. The utilization of computer guidance significantly simplifies intricate placements in tight spaces during implant surgeries.