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7 Essential Tips You Need Before Getting Invisalign Braces

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Invisalign Braces

In layman's language, Invisalign Braces is referred to as a journey toward a perfect smile. Imagine your friend had crooked teeth, and because of that, he always used to be self-conscious. But, now you meet him after a couple of years, and there he is, with a glowing and clear smile. Curious, you ask his secret. He smiles and says, "Invisalign Braces."

Invisalign Braces is a modern technique of orthodontic which helps in the correction of teeth without the use of any metallic braces (traditional braces). Invisalign Braces are clear, custom-made, and invisible, which straighten your teeth. If you are also considering Invisalign Braces like your friend, our specialist of Invisalign Braces Treatment in Ahmedabad at House Of Dontics would like to share 7 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Invisalign Braces.

Things you Need to Know before Invislign

1. Invisalign is Fast and Efficient

It is a well-known myth that the main difference between traditional braces and Invisalign Braces is the way it looks. But no, there are other differences, along with its fancy look of being invisible. One of the significant advantages is its speed. Invisalign often works faster. Most individuals start noticing the difference in their teeth in 2-3 months. A more effective speed is why most people prefer Invisalign Braces. Invisalign is a popular choice for those looking to straighten their teeth quickly with a style.

2. Temporary Discomfort

The purpose of choosing braces is that an individual must wish to bring the teeth into an aligned position. Braces work by gradually shifting your teeth into the desired position. This process can cause some pressure and lead to soreness, especially in the initial days. It is common to feel some discomfort as the position of the teeth changes. The experience of Invisalign Braces can be different for everyone, depending on the personalised condition.

The best part of the story is that any discomfort you feel is temporary.

3. Invisalign is Custom Made

Invisalign Braces are just made for you, as they are personalised. When you visit your dentist, a 3D scan of your mouth is taken. This scan helps capture the alignment of your teeth to make sure that the Aligners are of your personalised teeth. Invisalign Braces are more comfortable compared to one-size-fits-all options.After the 3D scan, it is sent to the Invisalign lab, where Aligners are customised according to the needs of an individual. The set of Aligners is changed in around two weeks when the teeth positioning changes.

4. You Are Never Too Old for Invisalign!

Is there any age of Invisalign?

No, there is no age limit for the people who can go for Invisalign Braces. From a child to a grandparent, anyone can choose to get Invisalign Treatment. As Invisalign are clear Aligners, they do not drag much of the attention. Thus, it is much less noticeable, making it a popular choice for many individuals.

Whether in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond, it is never too late to invest in your smile, as there is no age to gain your confidence. Invisalign is customised to fit adults and children both.

5. Retainer Might be Required

When you reach the end of the Invisalign Braces treatment, you might feel that you have changed by achieving a new and bright smile. But it is crucial to understand that the journey of your smile does not end here. To keep your new smile for a long time, you might need to wear a retainer to maintain the look of your new smile.

Retainers are crucial in maintaining the position of your teeth. After your teeth have moved to their new positions, they need time to get into their new places. Without a retainer, there is a slight risk that your teeth could gradually shift back to their original positions.

Each patient is different, so you need to consult with one of our dentists to learn about the specific details of your case.

6. Intake of Your Favorite Foods Will Not be Restricted

It is a perk when it comes to the topic of Invisalign Braces. You are allowed to eat your favourite food without any restriction. You might have heard that traditional metal braces put restrictions on having to avoid sticky or hard-to-chew foods. With Invisalign, this would not be an issue.

An added advantage is that Invisalign Aligners are removable. You can take them out when it is time to eat. It gives you the freedom to enjoy all your favourite foods without worrying about damaging your braces. So it is time for you to go ahead and indulge in your favourite food and meal while you work towards a perfect smile!

7. Invisalign Can Treat Complex Cases

Invisalign Braces can treat complex cases. It is a modern orthodontics system used by dentists to deal with various teeth-related issues. It can solve issues ranging from gapped teeth to overbites. It uses a range of invisible clear Aligners to shift your teeth gradually to a better position. It improves the overall growth and development of your smile.

Now, you are finally ready for Invisalign Braces!

As we have learned about 7 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Invisalign Braces, you are now well-prepared for your Invisalign experience. One last advice would be to always remember that regular check-ups at our Orthodontic & Dental Centre are important to keep up with your progress and make necessary adjustments. Our House Of Dontics family wishes you all the best for your Invisalign journey.

Hope to see you soon with a bright and confident smile!!